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The Nursery Day

Morning Session: 8.40a.m - 11.40a.m

Lunch: 11.40a.m - 12.10p.m

Afternoon Session: 12.10p.m - 3.10p.m 

Drop off/Pick up:

Drop off: Children attending morning sessions arrive at nursery for 8:40am and children attending afternoon sessions will arrive at 12:10pm. They are greeted at the door by a familiar member of staff and are encouraged to independently hang up there coats and bags on their pegs and place their lunch boxes and water bottles in the box. They then find their photos and place it on the self-registration board before they start their activities.

Pick up: The morning session pick up time is 11:40am at Reception. The afternoon sessions finish at 3:10pm. Before the end of the day we all join together for the goodbye song and a story. The children are then collected as a member of staff meets all adults at the door and lets them into the classroom. 



For the children that are either staying for a full time session or an additional lunch - the children wash their hands before collecting their pack lunches and water bottles and line up- before heading into the hall for lunch. Children who are then having a school dinner will be attended by a member of staff to go collect their meals. When the children have finished their lunch, we then head outside for lunch time break. 




Children are provided with a fruit snack and drink of milk or water every day.

All children can bring in a named water bottle for use during the session which can be taken home to be washed and refilled ready for the next day.



It would be appreciated if all children could bring in a spare set of clothes just in case of accidents. These can be kept in their school bags in the cloakroom. Please ensure that you wash and return any borrowed clothes. 

Please ensure shoes have velcro fastenings as this enables your child to change their shoes independently. 



Within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) an important emphasis is placed on outside learning. Children will need to have a coat with them every day and will also need to have a pair of wellington boots which can be left on the boot trolley.  Please put names in coats, boots and all items of clothing and personal belongings.



At Tregolls Nursery, we pride ourselves in supporting children through their toilet training phase. We understand that all children are unique and will learn and develop skills at different times throughout their lives. Therefore, we ensure that every child is supported through these phases effectively. 
We operate an open door policy at Tregolls. Please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the nursery team if you have any problems, issues or concerns. We appreciate your support and input in your child’s early education and building up good communication links is crucial for combined success.

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