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Learning how to build and maintain positive relationships with ourselves and others, which hold respect, unity, determination and kindness at their core, so that we can be healthy and safe – now, in the next steps of our education and in the future.


PSHE lessons at Tregolls Academy are delivered discretely, but PSHE teaching and learning is also woven into the fabric of everyday school life and holds our school values at its core: respect, unity, determination & kindness. Staff model these at all times, through interactions with children, parents, carers and colleagues, and our children are supported in practising these values in all that they do. Our inclusive curriculum offer, assemblies, trips, visits and extra-curricular activities provide further opportunities for children to develop a sense of self, belonging and community, as well as nurturing resilience, aspiration and confidence. They enrich our provision and broaden our children’s interests, passions and their understanding of their place in the world around them. We regularly hold whole-school events to celebrate children’s individuality and character, such as our ‘Dress to Express’ days to mark Children’s Mental Health Week.


At Tregolls Academy, we employ a whole-school, mindful approach to PSHE with a commitment to rich and progressive opportunities for children’s personal development and character education. We equip our children with the knowledge and understanding needed to keep themselves healthy and safe now, in the next steps of their education and in years to come. Children develop key skills in building positive relationships with themselves, those around them and with their local community.


We highly value pupil voice and are extremely proud of our pupil leadership opportunities across the school:

  •          Our proactive Anti-bullying Ambassadors work closely with the PSHE Lead to design and lead campaigns to develop and promote RESPECTONLINE SAFETYWELLBEING and COMMUNITY ACTION in every year group.
  •          Our Art Ambassadors support the Art Lead in promoting creativity and offer art enrichment opportunities and activities, both in school and as part of our extra-curricular provision.
  •          Our Sports Leaders have been instrumental in developing active lunchtime provision for the children and now successfully run our exciting ‘Activity Hub’ on our all-weather pitch every day.

PSHE at Tregolls Academy follows the non-statutory DfE guidance for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education and the DfE approved PSHE Association Programme of Study for PSHE in primary schools. We also implement the statutory Relationships Education (which came into effect September 2020), through which we focus on the fundamental building blocks of healthy, positive relationships. This element of our PSHE offer supports children’s ongoing emotional and physical development as they move through primary school and onto their next steps of education. Links are made particularly with Science learning (external body parts, the human body from birth to old age including puberty, and reproduction in some plants and animals). We use the JIGSAW scheme of learning as a guide to deliver our core PSHE offer. The JIGSAW program has 6 half termly units in each year group:

-       Being me in My world

-       Celebrating Differences

-       Dreams and Goals

-       Healthy Me

-       Relationships

-       Changing Me



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