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At Tregolls Academy, we value the importance of mathematics for both children’s academic achievement and life long success. All children from EYFS to Year 6, including our ARB, have a daily diet of structured maths learning. The teaching and learning of maths is a vital part of our balanced and broad curriculum which allows our children to develop fluent conceptual understandings, reason using mathematical language and problem solve with mathematical thinking.  We aim to develop a positive culture around mathematics, deep understanding, confidence and competence. The profile of mathematics is clear within our school community as we endeavour to engage all children and all families.

As a school, our structure of learning and design of the curriculum focuses on all children achieving age related success and progressing throughout each year group. Whilst our curriculum is focussed on progression, we also highly value inclusivity and strive to ensure that all of our children, including those with additional needs are able to meet expectations and milestones which are appropriate to their age and ability.

We place emphasis on teaching for mastery and ensuring children fully understand concepts presented in the concrete, pictorial and abstract. Children are encouraged to question and build curiosity around the subject, thus furthering their own learning journeys and passion for the subject. Our teachers and support staff model and instigate the children to make connections through their prior learning and across blocks of learning.   

At Tregolls Academy, every child is a mathematician.

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